Coco, Yoko & Bell is a female forged salon & supper series, delighting the senses while sparking enlightenment.

A cross over dinner event for forward thinking minds, each evening sets the stage for a speaker or thought leader, chef and artist to create a unique dining experience in collaboration with the Coco, Yoko & Bell curatorial team.
We use food, in conjunction with words, design, music and art, to tell stories from a female perspective—making each evening at the Contemporary Food Lab Space an interactive, multi sensory performance piece, aiming to inspire our guests and spur discourse.

We share stories from a female perspective to give the pioneering women we admire a platform to share their work, experiences and passions.

‘Why?’ some may ask. A few statistics might shed light on the growing motivation to actively promote the women of our community: 20% or less of professional chefs are women, and an even smaller percentage are owners or head chefs. There’s a prevailing gender gap in the art and music business, only 27% of TED talk speakers are female, and only 23% of all national parliamentarians are women

Needless to say, the female perspective is underrepresented and
we see a need for more platforms where women’s voices are given
the focus.

The content of each evening aims to reach beyond the intimate affair of 25 guests, through the creation of a stage for continous exchange and inspiration.

The events themselves are unique and profound, but that doesn’t mean it stops there. We continue to nurture and entertain each topic, allowing the discourse that was set in motion to grow and evolve. To facilitate this, the website publishes a new chapter for each new evening, where interviews with facilitators, chefs and artists are posted, in addition to other relevant written and visual content. Our social media further engage our audience.

Food is the heart of each salon and plays a key role in telling the central story of the night.

Chefs vary, and are chosen from some of the most innovative female food professionals from Berlin and beyond. While the initial concept of the evening is usually inspired by the featured speaker, chefs are vital in bringing this food-fuelled event to life, and are given room to play and develop a menu that adds layers and depth to the discussion.

The red thread for all our chefs, however, is the focus on local and seasonal products, as well as an emphasis on conscious, well crafted food that nourishes both the mind and body.

© photo by Nora Novak for Studio Inés Lauber

Music and other art installations and performances further compliment each evening to help paint the complete picture.

The Coco, Yoko & Bell curatorial team invites musicians and artists
to add an additional layer to the evening’s multifaceted story. Contributions take various forms ranging from concerts to soundscapes, sound and art installations, projections and other visuals. 

Bright, welcoming and nestled
in a picturesque courtyard in Berlin Mitte, the Contemporary Food Lab offers the perfect setting for an evening of intimate and inspiring dining.

Tile and marble table tops, a hanging edible garden, tasteful designer furniture, and a top-of-the-line open kitchen spae, are some of the features that make this creative hub and gastronomic incubator the perfect space for an experimental event concept.